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"Tanya is a natural storyteller..." Kristan L.

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About the audiobook

About the book

A family fallen on hard times. Two sisters with different dreams. Can a luxurious hotel forever change their lives?

Vancouver, Canada, 1927.

The Roaring Twenties are anything but extravagant for 17-year-old Clara Wilson. With her family struggling to make ends meet and under the threat of eviction, she applies for a job at the soon-to-be-opened Hotel Hamilton. But with her impulsive, adventure-seeking sister quick on her heels, she may find herself battling more than she anticipated.

Feeling the intense burden of responsibility and doing her best to navigate the opulent hotel's rigorous training program, her hopes for survival crumble when she encounters rivalry from an out-of-place socialite. And as both women strive to win the coveted position, Clara fears she could be losing the only way to keep her family afloat.

Will Clara overcome extreme adversity and save her loved ones from ruin? Welcome to the Hamilton is the heartwarming first book in the Hotel Hamilton historical fiction series. If you enjoy resilient protagonists, illustrious backdrops, and blossoming sibling relationships, then you’ll adore Tanya E. William’s tale of strength.

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ISBN: 9781989144190

Hotel Hamilton Series

Suggested reading order:

Welcome to the Hamilton

Meet Me at the Clock

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"All the things I love! The 20s, historic hotels, and a great story!" - Author Carla Calvert